DuPont launches new protective garment

March 2017

DuPont, a leading innovation and market-driven science company, has launched its new protective garment against electric arc flash at the Middle East Electricity show in Dubai, UAE.

A leading power event featuring power generation, lighting, and renewable and nuclear energy, Middle East Electricity show was held last month.

At the event, DuPont focused on showcasing its new Nomex garment that protects users from electric arc flash.

This is the first time the garment was viewed by the public and its wide range of features highlighted throughout the exhibition, said the company in a statement.

Aside from providing protection from electric arc flash, Nomex also shields users against fire. It is for this reason that it has been designed to be used especially by the utility sector, as it could greatly help ensure the safety and well-being of people facing potentially dangerous situations in this particular field.

Amr El Moniem, UAE country manager, DuPont, said: “The spirit of innovation has always been the driving force behind DuPont’s endeavors and we are committed towards further improving our products to ensure the safety of our customers in even the harshest conditions.”

“The protection of the people is of utmost importance to us and this has led us to cultivate more efficient ways to develop and test new materials.

 Nomex aims to create new benchmarks of excellence in safety apparel and we believe that it will greatly contribute towards ensuring workplace safety,” he stated.

El Moniem pointed out that DuPont Nomex garments have been the premiere choice of workers for its flame-resistant properties.

“They have been especially invaluable for practitioners in the Utilities (water, electricity and gas) sector along with various other industries where workers face the risk of excessive heat and flame caused by electric arc flashes and gas accidents,” he observed.

The Utilities industry plays an important role in the country’s economic and social development. As a result, solutions providers within this sector are actively encouraged to raise the level of safety for the environment as per international standards, he added.

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